Data Origin:
The data used in this application is Escapement_location_linked.csv from KNB. This dataset can be cited as:

- Jeanette Clark and Rich Brenner (2017) Compiled statewide Alaskan daily salmon escapement counts, 1922-2017. Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity. urn:uuid:2965ebba-3867-41da-b8c1-e2cf6c59a861

Data Procesing:
The data is a daily average of all escapement counts with more than 10 years of data in the region.

Plot description:
The plot shows day of the year in the x axis, and year for which the escapement count was done in the y axis. Each curve represents the relative escapement (mean across all the escapement projects) for a particular day of the year. In other words, the curve represent the progression of the escapement run across the entire region.

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